Diesel Engine Fuel Injector Troubleshooting

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If you've always driven older model diesel engines, you may not be familiar with the changes that have occurred in the common-rail injector systems. These systems operate under higher injection pressure, which makes them more prone to potential failures. Understanding some of the most common problems can help you spot trouble with your diesel engine's injectors before it leads to total failure. Here are some of the things to watch for.

1 August 2017

3 Accessories You Must Have To Improve Boat Safety

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Spending time on the open water can be a great way to enjoy the warm summer days. Having access to a boat allows you to fully enjoy the lake, river, or ocean near you. Owning and operating a boat comes with a significant amount of responsibility, and safety should be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to investing in accessories for your boat. Here are three must-have accessories that will help you improve the overall safety and performance of your boat in the future.

6 June 2017

Having A "Down On The Farm" Easter Party? You May Need Some Cargo Trailers

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A "down on the farm" Easter party involves having some live chicks and bunnies for the kids to pet, lots of eggs, and a few other fun surprises. If you are going to pull this off, you may need to rent or buy a couple of cargo trailers. Here is why. The Trailers Can Hold Several Flats of Easter Eggs Farmers collect their eggs and place them in egg crate "

24 April 2017

How to Bleed a Slave Cylinder on a Vehicle

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If the brakes on your vehicle feel spongy, or the clutch doesn't work at all, it commonly means the slave cylinder needs bleeding. Sometimes, air gets into the system after you change something in the hydraulic brake system. Bleeding the slave cylinder ensure all air gets out of the system. A novice can bleed the slave cylinder with the right tools. Here are tips to bleed a slave cylinder. Prepare to Work

8 March 2017

Problems A Truck Can Have Without Transmission Fluid

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When a truck has gears that sometimes take a while before shifting, many things could be the cause of the problem. However, you must also keep in mind that transmission fluid can cause problems that are related to the gears, so it should be your focus. Transmission fluid is actually one of the things that your truck must have in order for various parts to work. This article will explain a few of the problems that can develop when a vehicle does not have enough transmission fluid inside of it.

4 February 2017

2 Features to Consider When Buying a Semi Truck for Long Trips

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One of the most difficult and strenuous trucking endeavors that you can undertake is a long distance haul, which is why you will want to find whatever features you can in a semi truck that can make the trip more comfortable for you and as profitable as possible. Listed below are two features to consider when buying a semi truck for long distance hauling trips. Food Preparation Space One of the easiest ways to end up costing yourself a lot of money during a long haul is to stop for fast food or at restaurants whenever you get hungry along the way.

30 January 2017