3 Accessories You Must Have To Improve Boat Safety

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Spending time on the open water can be a great way to enjoy the warm summer days. Having access to a boat allows you to fully enjoy the lake, river, or ocean near you. Owning and operating a boat comes with a significant amount of responsibility, and safety should be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to investing in accessories for your boat.

Here are three must-have accessories that will help you improve the overall safety and performance of your boat in the future.

1. Fire Extinguishers

Many boating enthusiasts fail to realize that on-board fires pose a real threat while spending time on their vessels. On-board fires are one of the top two reasons why boaters are forced to jump ship, so having a fire extinguisher on your boat can be beneficial.

Be sure that you are taking the length of your boat into consideration when purchasing fire extinguishers so that you invest in the right number of extinguishers to maximize your safety. You should also ensure that these safety accessories are placed strategically throughout your boat so that they can easily be accessed in the event of an emergency.

2. Spare Propeller

The last thing you want to do is become stranded on the open water if you hit a rock or coral reef with your boat's propeller. A dented propeller will not function properly, leaving your boat dead in the water.

Carrying a spare propeller on your boat ensures that you will be able to make the necessary repairs and get your boat back to shore safely. Be sure that you are investing not only in a spare propeller, but in a high-quality propeller wrench that will allow for the easy installation of a new propeller while you are away from shore.

3. GPS Unit

While it is not required that you have a GPS unit installed on your boat, making the choice to invest in this accessory can be beneficial when it comes to improving the safety of your vessel.

A GPS unit allows you to easily track your coordinates as you move throughout a body of water. You will not only be able to find your way to a specific destination with ease, but you will be able to quickly and accurately relay your location to rescue providers in the event of an emergency.

Investing in the right accessories, such as from Brad's Trailer Supply, to add to your boat will improve the safety and performance of your vessel. Be sure that you take the time to purchase fire extinguishers, a spare propeller, and a GPS unit as you prepare your boat for the coming summer.


6 June 2017

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