Having A "Down On The Farm" Easter Party? You May Need Some Cargo Trailers

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A "down on the farm" Easter party involves having some live chicks and bunnies for the kids to pet, lots of eggs, and a few other fun surprises. If you are going to pull this off, you may need to rent or buy a couple of cargo trailers. Here is why.

The Trailers Can Hold Several Flats of Easter Eggs

Farmers collect their eggs and place them in egg crate "flats." The flats are trays with several indentations that hold and shield the eggs from damage. Then the eggs are stacked into a truck and/or utility trailer to be hauled to market. If the farmer sells the eggs locally, a utility trailer is most effective for transport as it can contain several flats of eggs in a very linear fashion. If you go out to round up dozens and dozens of eggs to color for the party, you can do what the local farmer does, and use a cargo trailer to haul all of your eggs back home. A small trailer should be sufficient for hauling a couple gross dozen eggs.

Enclosed Trailers Are Perfect for Bunnies and Chicks

Enclosed cargo trailers are good for hauling small animals. If you get about six to twelve bunnies and an equal number of fuzzy yellow little chicks, you can put them in an enclosed trailer with the bunnies on one side and the chicks on the other. (A two-horse horse trailer works well for this too.) Then the kids can enter the trailer, sit on some hay bales, and pet and play with the fuzzy and furry critters all during the Easter party. If you also want to incorporate a lamb or two, definitely go with the horse trailer so that the lambs do not crush the bunnies or chicks underfoot.

You Can Use Another Trailer to Hide Eggs and Keep Them off the Ground

If you have your heart set on hiding all of those colored, hard-boiled eggs, you are going to want to keep them off the ground. Too many insects and pests could eat the eggs or get into them before kids have a chance to find them and pick them up. Then, instead of eating the eggs, you would have to throw them out. Rent or buy another cargo trailer, put a lot of fresh hay all over it, then hide the eggs in the hay in the trailer. It is like a buried treasure hunt "down on the farm."


24 April 2017

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